Dream Telepathy

Once upon a time I wrote my newsletters and blogs more frequently. Two years ago I opened my fine jewelry appraisal business, and (imagine!) it's thriving. Which means I have less time to write. It's a mixed blessing because I love to write these blogs, but the beauty is, with commitment to take action what we dream up will come to pass. 

The busyness of my life and work left me feeling hungry for some fresh dream magic. I was ready for a little effervescence, and in June I attended the International Association for the Study of Dreams Annual Conference, where dream scientists, psychologists, artists, philosophers, and dreamers of all kinds come to gather and share.

A highlight every year is the Dream Telepathy Contest. During one night of the conference, the person chosen as the  "Sender" randomly selected a sealed envelope with an image from four that were previously prepared. During the night she set her alarm to wake every two hours and looked at the image with the intention of telepathically broadcasting it to the sleeping conference attendees, including dancing and singing and embodying the image. (Thank you, Maureen!) And during the night or in the morning the contestants filled out out a form with their dream reports. The next morning the reports were submitted and the one that came closest to the actual image wins first place. There were many “hits” by attendees during the night, including dreaming into the three images that weren’t the selected one.

That night I dreamed a long dream that included two children, a boy and a girl, which I observed at the end of the dream standing with their backs to me, slightly turned to each other, engaged in looking at something. I was watching them from above. As I woke I remembered the contest and kept my eyes closed as I asked to see the image. I then had a vivid image of a large round red sun on the left side with horizontal lines of colors in oranges, yellows and reds, warm sunset colors. 

I was surprised when I saw the selected image the next morning and won the contest! 

Dream a Little Dream: The Dream Telepathy Contest Image

Dream a Little Dream: The Dream Telepathy Contest Image

I missed the Santa Claus, the toys, and the window. What I find interesting is how the two dreams blended into one. The two children in my dream were modern children but were positioned in the same way, and the sun on the left became a fire in the fireplace, with the round form present in the wreath. The warm colors and the horizontal lines were similar. In my dream the children seemed to be looking at an object, perhaps a toy. Not a perfect, exact dream of this image, but enough is present to make it fun.

My predictive dreams are usually like this. They are not typically an exact representation of a waking life experience, but carry elements/symbols and feelings that manifest later, usually within a two week time span. And sometimes they're a blend of more than one waking life experience. I've learned this by reviewing my dream journal, where I find surprises like this. It's one of the fun features of keeping a dream journal and reviewing it periodically, and I'm convinced you'll find similar surprises in yours. 

All dressed up for the dream ball, where we come dressed as a character from a dream. I was Fire.

All dressed up for the dream ball, where we come dressed as a character from a dream. I was Fire.

The International Association for the Study of dreams is a marvelous resource to connect with other deep dreamers. Attending their annual conference is a great way to learn about recent dream research, and to be inspired by participating in lectures, dream groups, art events, and other fun experiences like the Dream Ball and the Dream Telepathy Contest. https://www.asdreams.org


Dear Dreamers,

After a long absence, a return…This is my first blog since January. I had some challenging life events to navigate, and now I have new dream stories to tell.

Sometimes surprises come that are more than difficult, but usually a gift shows up in the experience, and if we are alert, dream magic. My hip hurt, and I found myself hobbling around for half a year until I eventually couldn't do the things I love, like hiking, swimming, and walking to my car.  I had severe arthritis in my left hip.

One May evening I went to an arthritis lecture given by skilled and caring Dr. Thomas Peatman, and asked him if driving my beloved Subaru Outback with manual transmission was bad for my hip. Oh yes, depressing the clutch was certainly not helping things, and I really should be driving an automatic! Ugh! I loved my well-cared-for, seventeen-year-old car and couldn't see how I could possibly get a new car soon. Plus, I really like shifting as I drive, especially when listening to upbeat music as I go.

Custer Car 1924, IMage from http://weareelectricity.blogspot.com

Custer Car 1924, IMage from http://weareelectricity.blogspot.com

I limped from the lecture hall to my car, looked at the night sky and asked the Universe to give me a sign. Should I replace my car immediately or try to make it through until the end of the year?

That night I had a dream…I'm driving on a bridge across the Bay and my car is inside a long transparent tunnel. A massive wave hits the bridge, crashing over my car, but I'm safe inside the tunnel. I woke wondering what turbulent times may lie ahead.

That morning I drove over the Richmond bridge to see a friend for a soothing Reiki treatment. I felt a little clunk as I approached the bridge but nothing happened and I made it easily to Mill Valley. Just as I was preparing to drive up a winding road to my destination, my car crunched and died, a block from a nice little independent car repair shop. I was safe, as in my dream. And what died in my car? The clutch! I heard the message. I sold the car to one of the mechanics, and adopted a shiny new champagne-colored Outback with an automatic transmission.

I had hip replacement surgery in June and was able to drive again within two weeks, something I would not have been able to do with my old car. My recovery has been remarkable, and I love my new car and my bionic hip, and I can hike, swim, and walk again. 

Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of Love

One final dream worth mentioning...many months before I had any idea of what was to come, I dreamed I was unafraid as I was wheeled down a hallway to have surgery. I knew all would be well, and had friends there to help me in the dream. They were the same beloved friends who were my angels during my recovery. The dream helped me go into surgery with confidence, and my friends helped me recover.