I first came in contact with Jane over e-mail as I was beginning to take interest in the subject of dreaming. I was finally able to meet Jane in person, when she came to Bali. I was doing my senior thesis on the dreaming mind and Jane offered to do a private dream workshop for some friends and me. Seeing her work in person was truly amazing. I purposely sat back a little and watched her work. It was incredible to see the eyes of the others in the group completely light up as Jane began to speak. She was so full of information, from the science and physiology behind dreaming, to its role in ancient cultures and societies and the more mystical discoveries.
The way she conducts her dream workshops is even more incredible. She has an ability to allow people to really touch into their psyche or unconscious minds to discover things about themselves through their dreams and imagination. A friend of mine had his dream worked in our session and came out of it with an understanding of an aspect of his life that was a complete mystery for so long. I don’t know many people that have the ability to make you think like Jane does. She is a truly inspiring and incredibly knowledgeable human being. Despite dreaming being such a mysterious and abstract concept, Jane really brings it to life!! She makes it tangible and real.
— Becca Stine
I have done dreamwork sessions with Jane, both collectively and privately. I find that Jane’s knowledge and experience with the mythic creates a space for reflection and growth when dealing with one’s everyday life. Through sharing and exploring symbolically and mythically what a situation or challenge may mean, Jane helped me to open up to what is possible both long and short term. Through my dialogues and sessions with her, I have been able to develop my own mythic and symbolic sense and perception, which allows me perspective and distance from events and situations that are challenging. In using this sense, I am able to ‘breathe’ more, take a distance and choose what my response or action will be. She is an important member of my support team!
— Susan Allen, Co-Creator, Yellow Coco Creative Nest, Bali
Sharing space with Jane is powerful, particularly in the dream realm. Each journey has opened up a whole new awareness for me that has a direct and strong impact on many aspects of my life. I find after Jane’s dream journeys and I Ching readings my creativity expands and my whole experience of life deepens. I look forward to seeing her often and highly recommend her skills, talents and uniqueness for an enriching and activating experience.
— Bunny Hoop Star Performing Artist, www.bunnyhoopstar.com
Jane is a very gifted dream therapist! I went to her workshop and loved it. She speaks in practical terms and makes the joy of dream tending very accessible. She teaches and then you experience the magic for yourself! I’d highly recommend a session with Jane — so much so, I booked my two teenaged daughters in to see her as an “end of year” present to them!
— Anne Hockett Founder: www.youhealing.net
Jane fully immersed herself into the life of the School, and within a very short space of time, she established very strong relationships with the children, staff and parents...Jane proved to be an extremely courteous, caring, committed and inspiring professional. She brought an energy into the School, which was welcomed by all. The students related extremely well to her, and they clearly enjoyed her company...To summarize, it was an absolute pleasure to have Jane around the School.
— Andrew Dalton Former Principal, Greenschool, Bali
The dogs here really appreciated your energy and the message. They’re really grateful that you came up and they really got a lot out of it. We really enjoyed you, you personally, as well as the message, appreciated your energy and enthusiasm. It really made a difference...
— D. G. Men’s Group Workshop Attendee
First of all I rarely dreamed, but after meeting Jane I had a few dreams. She helped me to open a channel to my dreams and bring dreaming into my awareness. I was always so surprised by how much information she found in my little mazy dreams. So many symbols that she showed me, helped me to understand my dreams. The way she asked me about my dreams helped me, and I was surprised at how much I was able to remember.
— Olaf Klement, Germany
Jane Carleton is a wonderful heart-centered guide to the realms of dreaming and healing who brings rich humanity and compassion to her work. She has helped to advance the frontiers of our understanding and practice of trans-temporal healing and soul recovery, and is always in quest of new ways to empower others and fill lives with the energy of creative play.
— Robert Moss, Creator of Active Dreaming and Best-Selling Author of Conscious Dreaming and The Secret History of Dreaming
Before meeting Jane Carleton I was skeptical about just how much dreams could really help someone heal, but after just one session with her I was amazed to discover the depth and power of what my dreams have to tell me about my life. She has now become one of my most trusted allies in personal recovery.
Thanks to Jane, I now consider my dreams to be powerful tools of transformation. With her expert guidance I was able to relieve myself of a trauma that I had been harboring for over 10 years. And the best part is that I have now discovered that dreaming is also a whole lot of fun! Jane has opened up a whole new world to me, full of adventure and play, where my dreams are a channel to the purer parts of myself. I only wish I had found her earlier on the road to transformation!
— Renee Martyna Creator, Knowmadsland
Jane and I worked privately together over a recurring dream I was having over months. It was making me very uncomfortable and disturbed. I was very skeptical about dream work really clearing our subconscious and conscious minds but was willing to try.
Her work was amazing, and I have very rarely had any of these dreams since. I was extremely
surprised and highly recommend her work. Thanks again Jane.
— Jeanne Dowell
The dream workshops with Jane Carleton were incredible for going deep, deep within yourself. The shamanic drum journeys were vivid and wild. First I journeyed into a wolf’s den with my spirit animal, where he accepted me into his pack, only to play a horrible prank on me (spirit has a wicked sense of humor). Then I wound up shifting my perspective to several other creatures’ points of view, from the wolf, to an ant walking between giant blades of grass, all the way down to an amoeba.

On a second shamanic drum journey in a subsequent, more intimate workshop with Jane, we journeyed to find our healing pools. I found mine in a different, very exotic dimension. That was another journey with aspects shared by our small group, many of us seeing elements of each others’ dreams, like phosphor-luminescence, canopy beds and a representation of our divine masculine consort. So much fun to know you’re traveling as a pack in dream space.
— Kacie Beluse Knight, Sacred Circularities Retreat, Sedona 2013
My dream work with Jane Carleton has been profound. I have had several sessions with her and received much clarity and clear guidance about what my dreams were trying to tell me and what I need to do next in my life. Rather than give instruction, Jane has helped me figure out what needed to shift in my life, which is so empowering. Before my work with Jane, my dreams were symbols without much solid meaning but having her perspective illuminated the true message of what my dreams were wanting to bring to my attention. I highly recommend her dream groups and individual dream work!
— KM, client and workshop attendee
In a world where dreams hold potent teachings to transform our lives and the world, it is vital to pay attention to this fountain of wisdom. Jane Carleton is an extraordinary dream guide who can help you tap into the depth of your dream world. Through dream-sharing groups and private consultations, she is a specialist who can guide you towards healing, purpose, and power.
— Tarra Christoff Career and Leadership Coach
I was very impressed with Jane’s ability to create an environment of trust and community within the classroom. Before any sharing took place, clear guidelines were given and rules of confidentiality were outlined for students. Students shared some very profound and personal dreams and seemed to discover the ability to transcend their fears through the process. The process of open and honest sharing had true value for the students. Because dreaming happens in a state very different from our waking reality, students were open to sharing what they had experienced in their dreams without the same risk of judgment they might consider if sharing an experience from their waking world.
The information Jane presented on the science of sleep including sleep cycles and the brain wave patterns the dreamer experiences was fascinating for students and myself.
The assembly presentation that Jane gave for the entire student body and staff was interesting and enlightening. Examples of important information manifesting for people through their dreams were truly fascinating. All of us wonder about the meaning of our dreams, which provided a common focal point of interest for the assembly. Jane is an excellent speaker and is able to communicate and interact with an audience with ease. She obviously has extensive academic content knowledge and personal experience to share.
— Trudy Rilling-Collins Educator
Your workshop in Sedona opened my doorway to what I now lean to and depend upon for guidance and answers. I have experienced dreams unimaginable at the time I met you and answered universal questions I didn’t know I had. WOW it has been a journey. Thank you for awakening me to the beauty of sleep and the answers within dreams, both waking and sleeping.
— H.A. workshop attendee
Thanks for helping me open the door to my dreams!
— C. L.
Jane Carleton you are perceptive and insightful. Your dream groups here in Bali helped me get more clarity about my inner world and your dream interpretation of the healthy dog was a catalyst for me to extend my trip!
— K.M.