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Explore a Dream
Like having a yoga practice, developing a dreaming practice will empower your life.  Have you forgotten how to dream?  With a blend of contemporary and indigenous techniques, Jane will help you discover worlds of possibility, by unpacking a dream you bring to the session or by creating one on the spot.  Learn tools you can easily use every day to uncover the hidden voice of wisdom that comes to you in your nightly dreams and daytime imaginings, and even resolve a recurring dream. You will be invigorated by personal insights that are ready now to help you with the challenges you face at this time in your life.  Each session is intuitively designed for you, to help you open to possibility, heal what’s ready to be healed, and regain magic. It’s all about revitalizing your life.  

Discover Imaginal Realms with Shamanic Dreaming 
If you could re-enter a dream, would you?  What if you could step into an imagined place of beauty?  In the twilight zone between waking and sleep rich moments of creativity appear in the form of imagery and sensations. Our ancestors invented technology for accessing this place of insight with the steady rhythm of a drum, which produces the same kind of theta brain wave patterns demonstrated in highly creative and insightful states of consciousness as well as in moments of deep relaxation.  Come on a journey of discovery, carried by the deep sound of the drum.  Bring an intriguing dream you’d like to step back into, or find a new dream during the session, and return relaxed and inspired.  

Dreaming for Two 
Sometimes we dream with and about those we are closest to.  By exploring dreams together, we deepen our relationships.  Come with your loved one to this session and unpack a single dream, a dream each, and perhaps go on a shamanic journey together.  Learn new ways to share your rich inner lives with each other, come to a greater understanding of one another, and develop a dreaming practice together.

Family Dreaming 
Dreaming is a family event and by exploring dreams together you can enrich your family bond.  Come and learn about dreams together, and create a family practice of dream sharing, perhaps around the breakfast or supper table.  Most children experience frightening dreams at some time in their lives.  Learn how to become your child’s best ally when those dreams arrive, with techniques for working with the dream in the moment of awakening during the night, and later during the day. Learn how to create helpful dream images and magic dream tools your child can use to feel secure and empowered.


Dreams, Imagination and Coincidence
Join us for an introduction to expanded ways of looking at dreams.  Every night we dip into our unconscious and there we find gifts specifically for us that help us on our life’s journey.  We can learn to develop a dream yoga practice, and recognize and mine the jewels found within our dreams.  We’ll see that dreaming is much more than just what happens while we’re sleeping, and that it brings the wisdom we need to live our deepest and best lives.

Introduction to Shamanic Dreaming: A Voyage Within
Travel on a dream, and there, beyond your normal waking consciousness, find insights and healing.  Eons ago our ancestors developed the fuel for journeying within, in a conscious state, in the form of steady drumming. During the drumming we produce theta brain wave patterns, found in dreaming and moments of deep relaxation.  With this tool we can explore the worlds of our dreams and imagination, and gain insight, healing, and personal transformation. 

 The I Ching: The Chinese Oracle of Changes
As one of the oldest continuously used oracles in existence, the I Ching is especially powerful as a sacred text that was written by generations of sages over thousands of years.  And as one of the foundations of Taoism, the book is both poetic and infused with the rich imagery of nature. As a divination tool, it is a practical guide for gaining insight into ways to help any situation.  Jane has practiced the I Ching for over thirty-four years and will share her knowledge about this beautiful wisdom tradition.


Oracle Reading with the I Ching
The I Ching is a valuable tool for gaining insight into life's challenges. This sacred oracle from China, once reserved only for the use of the Emperor, is powerful yet accessible to anyone with the desire to understand more about how to skillfully maneuver through a situation. With over thirty-four years of experience in reading the I Ching, Jane will be your guide to consulting this surprising and inspiring source of wisdom.  Bring a question and leave with clarity, insight and ideas for action.

The Rates:

30 Minute Consultation (Phone or Skype): $65
1 Hour In-Depth Dream or I Ching Session (Skype or In-Person): $120
90 Minute In-Depth Dream and/or I Ching Session (Skype or In-Person): $165
2 Hour In-Depth Dream and/or I Ching Session (Skype or In-Person): $225


Dream Exploration for Insight and Empowerment 
We dream every night, and during the day we experience daydreams and our imagination is alive.  Learn how our mysterious dreams and flights of fancy serve us.  As a group we’ll unpack dreams using several fun techniques in a safe and inspiring environment, in which you do not have to reveal your private life.  The opportunity for healing insight is very real in this interactive and entertaining session.  You do not have to remember a dream to come, and you will learn ways to create a dream while fully awake.  Learn how to catch dreams anytime you like and bring the gems of your dreaming self out into your world.

Shamanic Dreaming: Exploring Imaginal Worlds
The shaman, or healer, in indigenous cultures knows how to travel on a dream to bring healing to others by journeying within with intention.  While relaxed and comfortable, with eyes closed, as I drum a shamanic rhythm for you, it is possible for you to explore your own inner world.  There, you may find just the right healing image, insight, or creative thought.  Enjoy the journey as a group, and bring back gifts of inspiration for yourself and others. 

Family Dreaming
Our children are dreamers, both at night and during the day.  They feel their mysterious inner worlds deeply and fully.  Dreaming is play, and together with your children you can learn valuable techniques to help them get the most out of their dreams and imagination.  Explore the wonderful creativity and life of dreams, without interpretation, by sharing, drawing, and playacting dreams and improvising new endings.  Learn about how to chase away scary dreams, and become powerful dreamers, no matter how young you are.  This workshop is for children aged 7 to 11, and a parent must attend.

Teen Dreams
As we grow into adulthood, we’re not far from the dreaming life of our childhood and are learning about the responsibilities of our future life.  If we can remember to hold on to the creative inner life of childhood as we step into our power as adults, we will find ourselves enriched with a sense of greater possibility for ourselves and for our world.  We become practical dreamers with access to more insights and ideas.  In this interactive and entertaining workshop for teens, age 12 to 18, we will explore dreaming together through inquiry, shamanic drumming, drawing and/or writing, and dream sharing.  You will leave with ideas for developing and growing your own personal dreaming practice that can serve you throughout your life. 

Drop-In Dream Group
Learn about the mysterious symbolic language of your dreams.  Bring a dream that puzzles or excites you, and we will unpack it together in a group setting that honors you and your dream.  Come away with ideas for using the gifts of your dream in your waking life.  This is an ongoing, drop-in group that is available when you have a dream that is ripe, or if you feel like supporting other dreamers.  Depending on the size of the group that day all dreams may or may not be explored.  But the dreams that are shared have messages for us all and you will still leave with valuable insights.

Fees vary with sessions. Please contact us for information on workshops and dream groups.  We can custom design workshops and dream groups for your community, organization, or group.


School Assemblies and Classroom Lessons
Jane has developed easy to implement lesson plans for the classroom, and a lively presentation for school assemblies, to inspire our children to honor the deeply creative dreamer within.  She presents assemblies, leads classroom lessons and trains teachers.
It is crucial to keep students engaged and interested in school, and dreams are fascinating to students.  The topics of dreams and sleep can be woven into almost any subject area, enlivening the required standard curriculum, and it can be the source of inspiration for new, innovative directions in curriculum development. 

Many breakthroughs in physics, engineering, and math were dreamed first. History and social studies are ripe with historical events dreamed first, or informed by dreams.  Dreams have been the source of inspiration for numerous writers and artists. Dream Theater, in which dreams are acted out with new endings improvised by the students, allows for self-expression, and the development of skills of self-expression.  
Sharing dreams teaches students to become storytellers, and enhances the development of language skills, as well as encourages classroom community building in the process.

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