Your Dreams May Scout the Future in Funny Ways

Dreams really do come true, in odd little ways sometimes. Funny little predictive dream elements pop up unexpectedly and, I have found, regularly if you watch for them. When this happens, it glimmers like the feeling of being in on a happy secret, and it’s a reminder there’s a lot we don’t know about the many ways we’re conscious beyond our usual waking mind. Dreams don’t always require a lot of interpretation; just noticing them brings a little more energy to the day. 

This week I had a dream I was at a big convention, and as I moved through the gathering, I sampled food in several locations. It was not tasty nor nourishing, and I decided to leave. I went outside the building and helped a woman who had a booth, selling something. Then I saw an expansive slightly slanted wooden floor surrounding the entire complex where the parking lot should have been, like the kind of shiny brown hardwood floor you’d find at a roller skating rink. I ran and dove sideways and happily zipped around sliding on this surface like a child. It was fun! In the dream I vowed to return here with my skates and remembered how I loved the free feeling of skating the streets of Santa Monica in the early 80’s. This dream has plenty of symbolism ripe for interpretation, but I chose to focus on the joy of zipping around, free of worries. 

The next evening I chanced upon a delightful program on TV of an enthusiastic chef sampling food at several wonderful little restaurants in Paris. The final segment shows him surprised by a long cavalcade of people joyously riding past on roller blades. One person was even lit up like a Christmas tree; it was a very dreamy waking moment.

This can be considered a form of predictive dreaming. Somehow my dreaming self picked up elements of life I would perceive the next day: the sampling of food, building community by interacting with venders, roller blading (skating is my version of that), and the feeling of happy freedom. 

There are clear differences in the two dreams (and a waking experience is a form of dreaming), but the similarities are enough to make me smile and give me that sparkle of recognition that we move through the world in mysterious ways. There are personal messages for me to consider while looking at these meaningful coincidences, like the need to a look at how I’m nourishing myself. And that leads me to consider dusting off my old skates.

Happy Skating