Imagine the possibilities your dreams hold

Have a Little Adventure Every Day
Tame Your Scary Dreams and
Delight in Your Incredible Dreaming Self

Larry Page said this when he described waking from a dream with his idea for
“When a really great dream shows up, grab it.”

Let's talk about creativity…

Jeff Taylor’s, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, Paul McCartney’s songs “Yesterday” and “Let it Be”, the writings of Robert Lewis Stevenson, William Butler Yeats, Samuel Coleridge and Jack Kerouac, Elias Howe’s invention of the sewing machine, Colonel Harold Dickson’s dream that led to the discovery of oil in Kuwait, Jack Nicklaus’ famous golf swing, Friedrich Kekule’s discovery of the structure of the benzene molecule, the art and writings of the surrealists, and all the unnamed dreamers out there bringing new things into the world every day, all inspired by dreams.

Become Inspired.

Would you like information on interpersonal relationships? Personal growth? Health and healing? Spiritual connection? Adventure? Inspiration? Insight? Answers to life questions?

It’s all there. Every time you dream, something comes through, even if it’s a scary dream, and that “aha” moment is a feeling of real healing. It is an internal shift towards wholeness and you are never the same. You have expanded your knowing and your life, in little ways and big.

Why not mine your dreams for their hidden gems?

Most people have no idea of what to do with our nightly dreams, or our daydreams, or our hunches, coincidences, and waking dreamlike moments.

But what if we can catch dreams and play with them, dig in and explore, and see what surprising gifts they bring?

This is about learning to identify, guide, and align the deep story of your life as it’s unfolding while you are living it. It allows you to have a little adventure every day by stepping into a reliable source of personal power and inspiration. The place to start is to decide this part of life is valuable and the dreams will come.

Current Events

Call or email for calendar, details and to RSVP

Variable Sundays: 5:00 to 7:00pm, $25
At the Rockridge office, Oakland, CA

Robert Moss Workshop, Hosted by Jane Carleton 
Time Travel and Reality Creation
November 14 & 15, 2015
Berkeley, CA

In dreams we are time travelers. As Active Dreamers using the skills of shamanic journeying we can Travel consciously across time to scout the future for ourselves and others, and grow a better future. Explore what your dreams hold in this lively weekend.

Private Sessions with Jane Carleton

By Appointment

Do you have a dream that puzzles you or concerns you? In a private session you will gain an understand of the meaning of your dream. You'll learn how to develop your personal dreaming practice. You'll experience a more inspired view of your life and puzzling dreams will reveal their messages. You'll discover healing images, and revel in your joyous dreams. Scary dreams will transform. Your dreams will grow, and you will remember many more. It's all there to serve your unique life journey.

  • Realize the true power and magic of your dreams and the healing images they bring.
  • Value sharing dreams with others as a way to build community.
  • Take action in your life based on the wisdom you gain from your dreams.
  • Find the enhanced creativity your dreams will bring.

Explore your worlds of healing, wisdom, and brilliant ideas.


For an example of dream healing, please read my essay, "Awakened by Fire Leopard: A Journey of Soul Recovery and Healing"

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